Labyrinths of Love at Osthaus Hagen Museum: Eduard Beckermann – Making the Invisible Visible – September 17, 2022 to January 15, 2023

“Love brings ideas and dangers.” (Henry Mann) The Osthaus Hagen Museum celebrates the “Labyrinths of Love” by American artist Edward Pekerman with a major solo exhibition. Labyrinths of Love presents more than 40 works from Beckerman’s legendary “angels” and “guardians” from the 1990s to his recent expressive series “Faces”, “Victories”, “Samurai” and “Labyrinths of Love”. … Read more

600 Heavy Metal Fans in 5 Wellesweiler Open Air

August 16, 2022 @ 5:26 pm 5. Outdoor Wellesweiler : The love of hard rock is contagious Concert atmosphere at Wellesweiler Open-Air. Photography: Tora Hubel Wellesweiler 600 heavy metal fans made the pilgrimage to the 5th Wellesweiler Open Arena on Berthold-Günther-Platz over the weekend. Some stayed overnight. l „tWlsi du aws uz enni? nesiehwes dnu … Read more

Kirsheim Winter Concert: Love Songs – Kirchheim

Brilliantly sunny or overcast with clouds – this is the love in the songs of ancient English composers. A duo of contour and lute performed Renaissance and Baroque music in authentic style at the Kirchheim Winter Concert Series. Please sign in to see the article in plain text. dun gescbwtin,h dun sisihl,pcere baer uach eoihlcalmnhcs … Read more

Should Emily finally let her great love Paul go?

In GZSZ’s weekly preview, we’ll tell you what’s going to happen in the next four weeks on the Daily. * Attention, spoilers follow! Good Times and Bad Times (GZSZ) streaming in: Good Times and Bad Times (GZSZ) streaming in: Because Catherine And the gladly You definitely want it joanna They take their Abitur, and resort … Read more

Do I still love my partner? Why doubts about her okay

Love is often equated with a tingling in your stomach. But what if it doesn’t happen in a long-term relationship? (Icon picture) Getty Images / Willie B. Thomas Have you ever questioned whether you still love your partner because the butterflies are missing? This is completely normal, says couples therapist Sharon Brimm. Falling in love … Read more

Drafting: Pope Francis’ Angels on the Ascension of Mary

Here you will find the address given by Pope Francis at the evangelization prayer for the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, in practical translation by Vatican Radio. Mary is not a journalist who conveys the facts in her prophetic words in the Anthem of Achievements, but she says that her god “opened … Read more

Good sex: why laughter during sex is important for love

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