“The farmer is looking for a woman internationally”: four to one for love!

“The farmer is looking for a woman internationally” Four to one for love! Written by Kay Patrick 05/16/2022 at 10:16 pm The adventure of “The Big Farmer Looking for an International Woman” is over. Inka Bause asks for a finale tour and meets happy faces almost everywhere in the world. Only in the Peruvian jungle … Read more

Love in mind: the candidates

The dating format “Love in Mind” runs on Saturday 1. Who are the candidates? Here you will find all the information about the participants. “Love in mind – the experience of marriage” in Saturday 1 to see. On the show, 28 bachelors have the opportunity to get to know each other in an unusual way. … Read more

Magath with Hertha Berlin in Relegation: Against Old Love

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Summer break starts June 17th – Permasens

It is important for the new head of culture, Heike Wittmer, that the residents of the Pirmasens spend pleasant and relaxing evenings – and that is exactly what counts in the cultural program called Sommerintermezzo, which begins on June 17 in Festhalle and will return again in its new season to offer a wide range … Read more

A place full of warmth, love and protection

Homepage Sweetened Starnberg The Tabaluja Children’s Foundation has reported creature: 05/16/2022updated: May 16, 2022, 4:03 pm split, rip At Tapaluja Children’s Foundation, the wounded souls of children can be healed. © Tapaluja Children’s Foundation About 500 socially disadvantaged, traumatized and seriously ill children and youth receive help each year from the Tapaluja Children’s Foundation – … Read more

Hamburg: Lots of tradition, a love of language – and special visitors

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Professionals think about love, sex and arguments

Rostock.Couples used to go to therapy in secret. The fact that there was a crisis in the relationship was only shyly recognized in calm. Time is over. More and more couples seek professional support in love and life crises and deal with them openly. Fortunately, say Regine Gortler and you’re while. “Seeking help is evaluating … Read more