How to play and earn money from them?

Play to earn NFT games are a gradual development in the gaming industry. P2E games give users a good offer almost to be a real offer to earn money by playing video games. Axie Infinity is one of those games. It is not only one of the biggest P2E games, but also one of the … Read more

Credit Card Purchase, NFT Games Cryptocurrency

Buying with Credit Card, NFT Games and Cryptocurrency – New in Crypto In the field of cryptocurrencies, innovations are constantly appearing in the market. Even during the recent cryptocurrency crash, this hasn’t stopped. Many new cryptocurrencies and NFT games keep the market going and inspire users even in times of crisis. What are the developments … Read more

250 Unique Digital Pieces: Sold Out: Tiffany & Co Sells Limited NFT Collection – CryptoPunks Owners Receive Individual Piece of Jewelery | newsletter

Posts in this article Forex in this article • Tiffany & Co. sells 250 products called “NFTiffs”• CryptoPunks holders will receive NFT digital artwork and personalized necklace • Digital passes sold out in a short time On July 31, Tiffany & Co, which became part of French luxury goods group LVMH last year, announced the … Read more

Graph Blockchain Inc: Graph Blockchain: New World Inc. Redesigns the NFT market and updates operational progress

IRW-PRESS: Graph Blockchain Inc: Graph Blockchain: New World Inc. Redesigns the NFT market and updates operational progress New: tech fund!Now tradable on the stock exchange… TORONTO, ON – August 9, 2022 – Graph Blockchain Inc. is pleased. (“Graph” or “the Company”) (CSE: GBLC) (OTC: REGRF) (FSE: RT5A) announces that its wholly owned subsidiary, New … Read more

Multi-Blockchain Wallet Nufinetes app launches new feature to display NFTs on Ethereum and VeChain

Las Vegas, April 10 /PRNewswire/ – Nufinetes, the first multi-blockchain wallet application designed for the Ethereum, VeChain, and BNB smart chain networks, today released a new feature that allows users to securely manage, view and send Ethereum NFTs from specific projects. The Nufinetes update extends the compatibility of VIMworld’s SmartNFTs on VeChain to ERC-721 NFTs … Read more

Vendive launches a platform that connects fans

The global gaming boom continues. So David Vinokourov, CEO of Canada’s Fandifi Technology Corp, is full of optimism about his company’s future. This year, the testing phase of Fandifi’s fan engagement platform, which will connect fan communities around the world via social media, will begin. “Fandifi is when engagement meets real-time forecasts,” is the motto … Read more

What is it and is it worth the investment?

The The basics NFTs Application areasThe opportunities and risks from U.S NFT – Non-Fungible Token – You want to buy or sell, you find a lot in the financial market many possibilities to me. It is important to have a sound basic knowledge of non-replaceable tokens; This is the only way you can decide for … Read more

What is XinFin? – Financial Trends

The hybrid nature of XinFin means that it can switch between (public) and unauthorized (private) blockchains. Bitcoin It is a good example of a public blockchain without permission where anyone can interact with the ledger. Private blockchains with permissions are typically used by companies that want to keep their data private. An example is Korda. … Read more