Wealth Management Pillar: Investing in the Crypto Space? Knowing which market you are in | newsletter

Forex in this article Written by Uwe Zimmer, General Manager, z-Invest GmbH, Cologne Customizations are not always very straightforward. Bitcoin can be used, for example, as a leading and major currency, as a currency along with the euro and the dollar. It serves no purpose other than that. Classic coin. Or rather a safe haven … Read more

Animal tracks every monster

Michael Hoenge (Wildlife Münster) searches for clues in the woods. (Photo: Karsten Poehler) They are there but we don’t see them. They’ve left their trails, but we don’t see them either: the wild animals in the forests of Munster. What animals actually live in the forests in and around Münster? ALLES MÜNSTER editor Carsten Pöhler … Read more

Chocolate liqueur for children – a liquid dessert for adults

Updated: 07.12.2020 – 18:50 to melt Chocolate liqueur for children: a liquid dessert for the cold season Photo: Getty Images / Jordan Lye Reinterpreting a childhood classic: a chocolate liquor for kids! Admittedly, this alcoholic drink is not character-friendly. But it’s fantastically delicious and gives a childhood classic an adult twist… Ingredients for 4 small … Read more

What is the importance of electrolytes for horses?

What are electrolytes? Metal: The body cannot produce these inorganic nutrients on its own. Therefore, it must be taken with food. Buy a whole item important minerals Why does a horse need electrolytes? You will receive the full article (2 pages) as a PDF file • Electrolytes include: Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous … Read more

Excerpts from “Love That Increases Beautiful”: Emotions

Box 3.1 Coercive Means of Influencing the Partner criticize the accusations feel guilty Consume, make bad Press, don’t let go set conditions Intentionally injured, hitting sore spots To shut up, to withdraw love, to punish intimidation and threat Partners know each other well enough to know the means of coercion working on the other. In … Read more

Neukirchen-Vluyn: Natural history course for animals and children opened – nrz.de

Neukirchen Fluin. What brave little owl is afraid of? Where does the gray heron sleep? The Natural Path for Animals and Children in Neukirchen-Vluyn answers these and other questions. Ob-XBT gmjfhu-lsbccfmu voe qjfqu efoo EB @Tqboofoeft Joe kfefn Gbmm/billion Gsfjubh xvsef Ofvljsdifo.Wmvzot fstufs UjLj.Obuvslvoefqgbe pggjj{jfjfmm/Efjovgfsgfsgfsgfsgfsgfsgfsgf. Ufstuffhfotusbàf0Cptdiifjeftusbàf Voe wfsmåvgu billion IPG Opmubojfo wpscfj Sjdiuvoh Tfjmuhfoxfh Joe … Read more

Love in Tinder Days: Dating an Expert on the Biggest Illusion in Relationships

Dating apps and practices such as parallel dating have made the world of relationships move faster. Realistic relationship expert Sandra Neumayer advises when looking for a partner. And remember the biggest delusion you think exists in relationships. Shown on TV shows like “The Bachelor” and finding out for ourselves through dating apps like Tinder: relationships … Read more

Non-fungible tokens: NFT not only rocks the art market

NFTs differ from other blockchain tokens mainly in that they cannot be exchanged or exchanged for identical tokens.Photo: Sashkin – shutterstock.com Christie’s Auctions in London are always good for excitement. This was also the case when artist Beeple (real name: Mike Winkelmann) recovered more than $69 million with his artwork The First 5000 Days in … Read more