Ferrero XXL recall: Salmonella in children’s candy

Homepage consumer creature: 04/11/2022, 12:14 pm to: Alina Schroeder split, rip The big Ferrero recall affects many supermarket and discount chains in Germany. Aldi, Lidl, Rewe & Co are now reporting the incident. Kassel – Shortly before Easter, Ferrero International reported a current recall* of children’s sweets. In Germany, too, there are warnings against consuming … Read more

Diamond Duke of Brunswick and beautiful room singer

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“Love in the Mind – Experience of Marriage”: This is the new dating show

With ‘Love in Mind – The Experience of Marriage’ a new dating show starts on Monday (April 11) at 8:15 pm. Saturday 1. Also present: 28 singles aged between 26 and 58 from Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Brandenburg Nord Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Switzerland. They all want to blindly trust their … Read more

Non-Fungible Code: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Katy Perry & Company: NFT trend is spreading – but there is room for improvement | newsletter

Posts in this article Forex in this article Digital Content Ownership Katy Perry attends the NFT collection NFT Markets Aren’t Equivalent To Amazon Yet Popular NFTs The trend around NFTs shows that blockchain technology is not just about Bitcoin & Co. The acronym stands for a non-fungible token, that is, tokens that are not replaceable. … Read more

Corona Virus: Steco plans new vaccination recommendations for children and adolescents

Germany Corona Virus Stiko plans new vaccination recommendations for children and teens Published on 03/31/2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes “We need a summer-winter style” At the beginning of April, most corona rules expire almost everywhere in Germany. “Health care becomes a personal responsibility,” says virologist Hendrik Strick. He explains exactly what that means and … Read more