Candy, honey and cocoa: Can candy save the Brazilian rainforest? | Global Ideas | DW

Luiz Henrique López Ferreira fights for his homeland with sweets and jam. The 22-year-old lives in the eastern Amazon region of Brazil. It belongs to a new generation of indigenous people who are showing how young people make money in the middle of forests while protecting biodiversity. It is also concerned with preventing the continued … Read more

Kinder Bars: The mineral oil found in Ferrero Kinder Chocolate

Did you call back? Consumer organization Foodwatch claims to have detected traces of mineral oil in kids’ bar and other sweets and is sounding the alarm. Foodwatch tested about 20 candy bars from various manufacturers – including Ferrero Kids’ Bars. “Mineral AOPs can be detected in three products,” said Matthias Wolfschmidt, Deputy Director-General of the … Read more