What is the easiest way for children to return to everyday life after the summer holidays?

August 11, 2022 – Zoe Groening Summer vacation ends sooner than you think and kids can go back to school or nursery school. This can be stressful, especially regarding Corona and the upcoming fall. But even in such situations, there are tricks on how to make the beginning of school as comfortable as possible for … Read more

very beautiful and smart

DrThe image of the representative of the horse family has always been negative: donkeys have always been considered stubborn and stupid. But this has long been disproved – four-legged friends with brown, gray or black fur are becoming more and more common. “Donkeys are very gentle and intelligent,” says behavioral researcher Carola Otterstedt of Bündnis … Read more

Leisure fun for children: the five greatest playgrounds in the Black Forest – Bar – Villingen Schöningen and the surrounding area.

Salvest Stadium in Villingen-Schwenningen: A successful wooden locomotive – Jim Button was pleased with that, too. Photo: Spitz Summer vacation is just around the corner: For families in particular, this means spending plenty of time outside and making sure the kids aren’t bored. The playgrounds are especially popular with the youngest, as they can really … Read more

Together for Families of Critically Ill Children: A Media Event at Ronald MacDonald…

13.07.2022 – 14:04 McDonald’s Foundation to help children Vogtaruit Yesterday, companies from the area had the opportunity to learn more about Ronald MacDonald’s new home in Vogtaroit at a media breakfast. During the subsequent tour of the construction site, guests were able to see the progress of the construction of the new parental home for … Read more

We are not playing enough yet! / Studies confirm: there is an urgent need for more …

07/11/2022 – 11:55 am LEGO Ltd Munich (OTS) LEGO® Play Well 2022 Report: 84 percent of children surveyed[1] They want to play more with their parents Neuroscientist Prof. Andre Sempel: “Fun Flow Activity Prevents Fatigue in Adults” It’s time to give more space to the fun moments in everyday life. The results of the 2022 … Read more

Cell phone ban on house arrest: What rights do children have – and which parents?

Zeppeu Glupel nO 00 Vkl en Fenpe pelu? plek lu nupelel 6epettpeketl ple PuuekOe, Zlupellokllae Oeppleu (ukue Pntplekl) poolepleup nO 00 Vkl peu FelOvea eulleleu. Ppel enek veuu ep plekel pluuutt lpl, pepp plek Zlupellokllae ulekl ple aeuee Zeekl ettelu kelnOllelpeu, pllOOl plepe Pnppeae pu ulekl. 6epeletlek alpl ep uoOtlek helue ettaeOelue Pnpaeuappoelle tel Glupel … Read more

The World Meeting of Families: Homily at the Final Mass

Vatican Radio/Vaticanus Radio documents the homily the Pope read at the closing mass of the Tenth World Meeting of Families, in an official translation. You will soon find the text of the sermon with the spontaneous additions of the Pope on the Vatican’s website. This Saturday, the 10th World Meeting of Families in Rome will … Read more

Inspiring children about sun protection in a fun way / At the beginning of summer: hypothetical …

06/20/2022 – 10:43 German Cancer Help bon (ots) CREATIVE, FUN AND ANYTHING UNINTERRUPTED: Protecting kids from the sun can be easy and stress-free. New material from the German Cancer Campaign “Clever in Sun and Shade” shows how it’s done: The brochure “The Sun Protection Case for Families” offers ideas for games, crafts and experiments. A … Read more

Help, my friends have kids now

Gräfenhausen/Berlin (dpa/tmn) – When our lives change, so do friendships. Friends often don’t get their full attention from the beginning of their careers and their first serious relationships. But the change becomes especially drastic when children are added. Gone are the hours of phone calls, nights of roaming the streets together, and impromptu meetings. What … Read more

Vacations and holidays are equal headaches / Who cares for children when …

06/10/2022 – 12:15 pm Firosure Germany GMBH resin Public holidays or school holidays are not just a reason to celebrate for everyone. Many people – especially those who work and single parents – present significant challenges, both organizationally and financially, during public holidays and even during long vacations. Ask yourself: Where do you take the … Read more