Birds in a heat wave and drought: this is important now

aWhether you should feed the birds in the summer is a controversial topic for both gardeners and connoisseurs. In the past few weeks, concerns have also been raised about whether the animals will find enough food in the current drought. In general, there hasn’t been much singing outside the window lately. But the concerns are … Read more

Water in Berlin and Brandenburg running out!

The Cape wades into its last strength through a muddy, semi-dry fish pond near Brandenburg/Havel. DBA / Detlaff Part of the Black Elster in Brandenburg has dried up, including the small River Plane. In Berlin, the punk sometimes no longer holds water. And the spry dies of thirst. The river has to pass so little … Read more

This is why children should be especially careful

It’s getting hotter in Berlin. Not for the first time and certainly not for the last time this year. Children in particular suffer from this. Your health is increasingly at risk due to the harsh summers in this country. The 2020 generation is expected to be 6.8 times more likely to experience heat waves in … Read more