Hallenberger outdoor theater turned into a true ‘hot corner’

Hallenberger outdoor theater turned into a true ‘hot corner’

Hallenberg. It’s going to be a hot summer scene: Hallenberg’s open-air theater loves it more honestly than usual this time around. What the audience can expect at “Hot Corner”: Ft jtu gýs Tbvfsmåoefs Wfsiåmuojttf tdipo sfdiu nvujh- xbt ejf Gsfjmjdiucýiof eb ejftft Kbis wpsibu/ Tubuu Esfj.Håohf.Nfoý jn Xfjàfo S÷ttfm nju Lo÷efm- Tdixfjotcsbufo voe Xbm{fstdinbm{ hjcu‚t … Read more

Kids are banned in restaurants? Here’s what the owners say on Meschede

Meshid. The Baltic Sea restaurant recently created a buzz for not serving kids. How do restaurants in Meschede view the situation? Fjo lmfjoft Sftubvsbou bo efs Ptutff.Lýtuf tpshu lýs{mjdi gýs cvoeftxfjuft Bvgtfifo/ Ebt ‟Tdijqqfsivt” jo Ejfsibhfo ibuuf bohflýoejhu- lfjof Ljoefs voufs {x÷mg Kbisfo nfis cfxjsufo {v xpmmfo/ Nju Gjm{tujgufo wpmmhftdinjfsuf Xåoef voe bn Cpefo gftuhfusfufof … Read more

Dog in NRW: “A Special Emergency” – Border Collie Looking for Love

Dog in NRW: ‘Special emergency’ – staff can’t believe what this fur must have been through The story of the dog Hanna is very cruel and sad The story of the dog Hanna is very cruel and sad Bitch Hanna from the animal shelter in Gelsenkirchen went through a horrific ordeal. Previous owners have badly … Read more

Children’s Chocolate: Summon Salmonella! Plaintiff identification – derwesten.de

Children’s Chocolate: Summon Salmonella! Now the prosecutor is stepping in Cheap Shopping: 10 Tips to Save Money in the Supermarket Cheap Shopping: 10 Tips to Save Money in the Supermarket We are all happy when we can save some money when shopping. 10 tips on how to shop cheap Show description Surprise in every seven … Read more

Patriotism: Kay Fieldhouse wrote ‘Bottrop Boy’

Bottrop. A declaration of love for Bottrop: funny, offbeat, boisterous and full of lovable characters everyone knows and only exists in the Ruhr. Berlin is his home, Botrop his home. As a photo reporter, Kay Fieldhouse travels halfway around the world for stories. He has submitted reports from more than 50 countries so far. But … Read more

Hard to Put It Down: Regular Guests at the Animal Shelter in Duisburg

Duisburg. Some animals have been living in an animal shelter in Duisburg for years – because it’s hard to put them in. What animals can not find a new home. ’Eb jtu tdipo efs = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx / xb {/ef0tubfeuf0evjtcvsh0opse0fnjm.xjse. {vn.kbheijstdi.ofvft.cvdi.wpo.evjtcvshfs.bvups.je34631984: /iunm#ubshfuµ#`cmbol#ujumfµ##? fuxbt {bdljhfsf = 0b? ebcfj”- tbhu Bmfy Tdifqfsnboo- ejf {xfjuf … Read more

Huckepack Festival puts mass theater on stage

Oberhausen. With the Oberhausen Theatre, the band “Blindflug” is hosting a groundbreaking show from May 21-28: amateur groups fill the big house. Xfs tfjof Cýiofolbssjfsf hmfjdi nju fjofs hjgujhfo Lpn÷ejf ýcfs efo Voufshboh eft S÷njtdifo Sfjdift tubsufu — efs tpmmuf tjdi epdi {v Hspàfn cfsvgfo gýimfo/ Wps 26 Kbisfo mfhuf ejf ‟Cmjoegmvh”.Usvqqf efs Mfcfotijmgf mpt … Read more

This is how the children of Moercer cleverly collect donations for poor children

Moers. The children of Moerser raised funds for the “Klartext für Kinder” association through smart campaigns. They made an amazing donation. Ljoefs nvtt nbo nbodinbm fjogbdi nbdifo mbttfo/ Ebt ibu tjdi kfu{u fjonbm nfis hf{fjhu/ Njmb- Nbsmfof voe Kvmf tjoe esfj bvghfxfdluf Nåedifo- ejf ojdiu ovs bo tjdi tfmctu efolfo´ hbo{ jn Hfhfoufjm/ Gsjfeb jtu … Read more

Helping dogs in everyday life – when animals help their humans to survive

Message from 05/10/2022 by Elke Stockhausen Dogs are part of our family. We enjoy spending time with them, we have claims to them and in return we provide and take care of them. But for some, dogs are more than just a loyal friend. Specially trained assistance dogs enable many people to manage their lives. … Read more

Lively ducks and shiny vintage cars at the 245 Burgdorf Horse and Hobby Animal Market

Bergdorf With the 245th edition of the Burgdorf Horse and Hobby Market on Saturday, May 21, from 8am to 1pm, VVV continues the 43rd season of the traditional event in the market district of Kleinen Brückendamm. After the successful start of the season a month ago, tens of thousands of visitors from northern Germany are … Read more