NRW Swimming Courses: Parents search for places in vain

June 22 2022 @ 1:04 pm Find a swimming spot in NRW : 4,000 kids are on the waiting list for a swimming course There are currently long waits for children’s swimming courses. Photo: dpa / Fabian Sommer Düsseldorf Indoor pools, no staff and lack of providers: No swimming courses for tens of thousands of … Read more

Home away from home: Many pet homes are fully booked during the holiday season

By plane to the Balearic Islands or Greece: After the pandemic, many dog ​​owners are also hungry to travel. But what do you do with the four-legged friend? If you need accommodation, you have to hurry. Labrador’s dog Maja and her canine friend Emma frolic in the meadow. Like nearly a dozen other four-legged friends, … Read more

Corona: Poison as a putative treatment for children – News

Status: 11/05/2022 2:26 PM Chlorine dioxide is a bleaching agent. But there seem to be people who drink it as a treat, called CDL. Doctors warn against this ideology, which is likely to put children at increased risk. Written by Marilyn Kochral and Amelia Wichnevsky “I am very worried about my grandchildren.” This research began … Read more

DGB warns of increasing child poverty in NRW

April 19, 2022 at 00:00 Every fifth child in NRW is poor : DGB warns of increasing child poverty According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening and opportunities for progress are limited. Photo: dpa / Julian Stratenschulte Düsseldorf Head of State Weber talks … Read more

The dispute over Corona rules in Hamburg schools: “This is pollution”

The debate over coronavirus measures in Hamburg schools is frustrating parents, teachers and students. In Hamburg, for example, mask requirements have been relaxed, and the frequency of testing will now be reduced after Easter. Opinion about coronavirus protection measures varies widely in Hamburg schools. While the mood among students is quite different, parents and the … Read more

Corona end of the world in Shanghai: Food scarcity and children alone – Politics abroad

China has been fighting the Corona pandemic with a very strict anti-Covid system from the beginning. This means: if there are few cases of corona in a city, then all residents will be closed. Total insurance! This has been the case since March 28 – for 26 million (!) residents financial capital Shanghai. The strict … Read more