“Make it your job!”: Spiegel job expert Helen Flachenberg presents at…

09/22/2022 – 12:11 Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag GmbH document Press Release_Fla ~ Job_2022-09-22.pdfPDF file – 443 KB Make it your job – careers for a sustainable future In her new guide, SPIEGEL careers and careers expert Helen Flachenberg offers guidance and ideas for anyone looking for a meaningful job. “We can’t all be climate activist Greta Thunberg … Read more

Sick, Wounded, and Abused Pigs: Cruelty to Animals at Seven…

09/21/2022 – 07:10 German Animal Welfare Office eV Cosfield (OTS) The German Animal Welfare Office has shocking video and photo materials from seven Westfleisch suppliers. In all of the documented operations, pigs are tortured, and sometimes even mistreated by staff. The provinces of Libby, Hoxter, Paderborn, Warrendorf, Steinfurt and Borken (in northwestern Germany) and the … Read more

With Creativity Against Future Fears: OBI’s Children and Youth Study Proves Added Value…

09/14/2022 – 15:45 OBI Holding Group Wermelskirchen DIY projects are a way for young people of Gen Z and Alpha (Generation Z born 1995 onwards; Gen Alpha born 2010 onwards) to feel empowered and to step out of the gloom and uncertainty they feel about the future, to liberate them. This is the result of … Read more

Press release/radio. It goes in the ear. Keep in mind: Global warming – what is …

09/12/2022 – 11:22 AM RADIOZENTRALE GmbH document PM_RZ_Gattungsspots_2022.pdfPDF file – 139 KB radio. It goes in the ear. Consider: Global Warming – What Animals Say About It A new kind of spots from the radio station. Three new spot shapes focus on the theme of sustainability and give voice to animals whose habitats are disappearing … Read more

The end of the season at the horse market with a children’s party and the state championship for young horse breeders

Bergdorf At the end of the season on Saturday, September 17, 2022, VVV invites you to the 249th edition of the Horse and Hobby Animals Market from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the market district of Kleiner Brückendamm. The organizers are again expecting many visitors from all over northern Germany. A large group of … Read more

The “I Love Shoes” campaign is based on fashion and humor

09/05/2022 – 16:04 DEICHMANN SE New fashion campaign: DEICHMANN and Jung von Matt state Full of Fashion and humor The new shoes in the current DEICHMANN collection are a “must-have” – ​​along with the self-confidence gradation of the new fashion campaign “I love shoes – and the price”. Have you ever seen shoes and thought: … Read more

150 thousand euros for disadvantaged children and youth in Berlin: the auction of donations …

09/02/2022 – 09:38 Children’s economy can e. Fifth Berlin (OTS) The employees and business partners of CG Elementum AG have donated a staggering total of €150,000 to “Wirtschaft kann Kinder e.V.” (WKK) at this year’s Summer Party on September 1, 2022 at Wannseeterrassen in Berlin. They are actively supported by Oliver Kahn With a shot … Read more

Spring North: We need qualified horse trainers who can bring…

08/24/2022 – 10:45 AM northern spring Minden Northern Spring sees a huge gap in equestrian sports. The majority of horse owners are women who want to work with their horses with respect. These women need trainers who understand their needs and the needs of their horses. On the other hand, there are many bikers out … Read more

Magical Animal School 2 – The New Trailer Is Here

08/23/2022 – 14:00 Lyonnain Studios Munich (OTS) Not an ordinary penguin, but an Antarctic king! Joe’s magical animal, the Penguin Gauri, is completely convinced of himself and shows Joe with his rap and dance routine how he can make an impression. The Magical Adventure Continues: Following the insane success of the film adaptation of Margit … Read more

Local food on Tenerife: tips for foodies and gourmets

08/03/2022 – 15:56 Turismo de Tenerife document 20220803_Local Food ~es and Gourmets.pdfPDF file – 314 KB Local food on Tenerife: tips for foodies and gourmets Frankfurt / Santa Cruz de Tenerife, August 3, 2022. The trend towards local food, that is, regional food and traditional methods of preparation, has been increasing for years. As a … Read more