Governmental PK: Morgenpost Children’s Lottery Places

Child Reporter Wanted Governmental PK: Morgenpost Children’s Lottery Places Updated: 08/05/2022, 06:00 | Reading time: 4 minutes Government spokesman Stephen Hebestreet wants to answer questions from children and young people at the press conference. picture: Federal government On August 21, children and young people can ask the federal government many questions – the Berliner Morgenpost … Read more

Dozens of Horses in Team G7: Electric Box Rig

Bavaria Dozens of Horses in Team G7: Electric Box Rig Status: 06/22/2022 | Reading time: 3 minutes Police rider riding a horse in a meadow. Source: Angelika Warmuth / dpa The security authorities have been preparing for the G7 summit for months. Shortly before the meeting, the first events began: first, secret police documents about … Read more

5589 Ukrainian children still need a place in school

exercise 5589 Ukrainian children still need a place in school Updated: 06/16/2022, 19:17 | Reading time: 3 minutes Education Senator Astrid Sabine Posey (SPD) wants to create school spaces for thousands of refugees for the new school year. picture: Britta Pedersen / D No place, no teacher shortage: Schools are already at their limit. Private … Read more

Abuse in NRW: ‘It means you can save children and convict perpetrators’

Globalism: Why are so many cases of abuse revealed in North Rhine-Westphalia? Thomas Gabriel Rudiger: It is difficult to evaluate this objectively from the outside. However, my guess is that North Rhine-Westphalia is simply investing significantly more resources in illuminating the dark field. This can also mean that the uncovered case leads to contact with … Read more

40 dogs confiscated: serious allegations against the police in Konstanz – region and country

In May, the Constance Police stopped an animal carrier and confiscated the car and dogs. But the Romanian company is now making allegations. (Icon picture) Photo: Pixabay Did the police in Mühlhausen-Ehingen (Canton of Constance) act excessively when confiscating an animal carrier with 40 dogs and ending up endangering the animals? The Romanian carrier accuses … Read more

The capital is so wild: wild animals in Berlin

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Young Ukrainian circus stars amaze Berlin children

Appearance in Köbenik Young Ukrainian circus stars amaze Berlin children 05/21/2022, 17:23 | Reading time: 4 minutes A young group of artists from the Ukrainian Artist School performs in the Berlin Free Zone. picture: Serge Glanz / Funky Photo Services Acrobats from Kyiv display their art in the free zone. Although they fled the war, … Read more

POL-LG: Mounted Police ++ in the Biosphere Reserve “Lower Saxony-Elbatalaue” – …

04/29/2022 – 12:57 PM Police Station Lüneburg / Lüchow-Dannenberg / Uelzen Lüneburg (OTS) Police installed in the biosphere reserve “Niedersächsische Elbtalaue” – already in the eleventh year “on horseback and close to people” present in the coming summer months – “protecting the diverse animal world from disturbances and maintaining peace in the landscape” Lüneburg / … Read more

German Unity Race Day: champagne and fast horses

Hoppegarten German Unity Race Day: champagne and fast horses 03.10.2021, 19:28 | Reading time: 2 minutes Race day at the Hoppegarten Hippodrome on German Unity Day. Sigrid Nikota with designer Nana Kocock and Countess Tiny Rothkirch. picture: Ritu Clar / FUNKE Photo Services / Dirk Hein About 8,000 spectators visited the Hoppegarten racetrack on German … Read more

Animals – Taufkirchen – Horses on the highway: the police help in the arrest – Bavaria

residence Bavaria Munich County Baptismal churches Health Forum happiness in style Free time in the area buying Animals – Baptism : Horses on the highway: help the police catch them April 21, 2022 at 1:30 pm Open the detail view Blue light shining under the windshield of a police car. Photo: Lino Mergeller/dpa/Symbolbild (Photo: dpa) … Read more