‘We’re reaching our limits’

August 5, 2022 at 9:14 am ‘We’re reaching our limits’ : Entry stop at Heinsberg Animal Shelter Luca Marberger, an animal husbandry apprentice and president of the Animal Protection Association, Bianca May, does not know where the newcomers will be received. Photo: Ruth Claproth Heinsburg County “We’ve reached our limits,” says Bianca May, president of … Read more

very beautiful and smart

DrThe image of the representative of the horse family has always been negative: donkeys have always been considered stubborn and stupid. But this has long been disproved – four-legged friends with brown, gray or black fur are becoming more and more common. “Donkeys are very gentle and intelligent,” says behavioral researcher Carola Otterstedt of Bündnis … Read more

Home away from home: Many pet homes are fully booked during the holiday season

By plane to the Balearic Islands or Greece: After the pandemic, many dog ​​owners are also hungry to travel. But what do you do with the four-legged friend? If you need accommodation, you have to hurry. Labrador’s dog Maja and her canine friend Emma frolic in the meadow. Like nearly a dozen other four-legged friends, … Read more