Mönchengladbach: Tiertafel scores more flow

Jun 22 2022 at 9:05 am “Ending Animal Misery” : More crowds at the animal table in Mönchengladbach Top of Pescherhof animal board: (from left) Presidents Michael Schumertz and Alexandra Terfer with second chair Walter Meurers. Photo: Yes/Knappe, Joerg (jkn) Mönchengladbach Owners of dogs, cats, rabbits and birds who can demonstrate that they need to … Read more

Keeping animals in the rental law: when is the apartment allowed? – Country of the region

The cat is the most popular pet among Germans. Photo: Suomi/Pixabay When it comes to pets, problems with the owner can arise quickly. There are even common clauses in lease contracts that are ineffective. We explain what to consider when keeping pets in rental apartments. Since there are no specific Civil Code (BGB) clauses about … Read more

Animals – Recognizing dental problems in rabbits – Society

Bichl/Heilbronn (dpa/tmn) – When rabbits are sick, they often secretly suffer for a long time: “As predators, they are very good at hiding diseases,” says veterinarian Cecilia Seidl. For hares, a weak animal means a danger to the whole group – sick animals are excluded to protect the clan. House rabbits behave in a similar … Read more