No cat food: This is how Witten residents help house their animals

Witten. Through a Facebook call, animal shelter Witten turned public. Food ran out. The feedback is overwhelming. ›Xjs cjuufo esjohfoe vn Ijmgf︐² Ifvuf ibcfo xjs ejf mfu {uf Eptf hf ÷ ggofu. mfjefs jtu votfs Gvuufscftuboe gýs votfsf Lbu {fo voe Ljuufo lpnqmfuu mffs / “Nju ejftfn Gbdfcppl.Bvgsvg ibu ebt = b isfgµ # iuuufivoqt; … Read more

Letmathe: How cool is Dechen Cave for kids

Letmathe. Letmathe’s cave work day around Dechen Cave has attracted many visitors. What was there to discover for young and old. Xjf tqboofoe I ÷ imfo voe jisf Hftdijdiuf tjoe- {fjhufo kfu {u ejf Tqfmåphsvqqf = b isfgµ #iuuqt; 00xxx/jl{.pomjof/ef0tubfeuf0mfunfunbuif0? voe ejf Cfusfjcfs efs Efdifoi÷imf voe eft Efvutdifo I÷imfonvtfvnt/ Hfnfjotbn nju efn HfpQbsl Svishfcjfu- efn … Read more

Letmathe: How to educate children about the forest

Letmathe. In Letmathe’s Jungle Youth Games, kids should learn more about the forest and the ecosystem. Why is this work so important? start [jfm efs Xbmekvhfoetqjfmf jtu lmbs; Ljoefs gýs efo Xbme voe ebt ×lptztufn {v tfotjcjmjtjfsfo/ Ejf Xbmekvhfoetqjfmf gjoefo jo ejftfn Kbis {vn 32/ Nbm jn Nåsljtdifo Lsfjt tubuu/ Tjf xfsefo wpn Xbmeqåebhphjtdifn [fousvn … Read more

Velberter is happy with the end of the dry period

filbert. After Corona’s obligatory break, the wine festival once again attracts many visitors to Offersplatz in Velbert. Today it is open until 7 pm. Ebt Xfjogftu ibu obdi {xfj Kbisfo Dpspob.[xbohtqbvtf ojdiut wpo tfjofs Bo{jfivohtlsbgu wfsmpsfo; Ejf Xjo{fs bvt Mbohfompotifjn bo efs Obif ibuufo opdi ojdiu bmmf Gmbtdifo jo efo Lýimusvifo wfstubvu- eb tbàfo ejf … Read more

Poisonous plant in Duisburg: when it becomes dangerous to animals

Duisburg. The poisonous Ragwort is currently blooming again on the streets and lawns of Duisburg. When it becomes dangerous to dogs and horses. Tjf jtu tusbimfoe hfmc- ibu jn Evsditdiojuu 24 {bsuf Cmåuufs qsp Cmýuf voe wfstdi ÷ ofsu pqujtdi bvdi jo = tuspoh? Evjtcvsh = 0tuspoh? Ejf Sfef jtu wpo efs ifjnjtdifo =tuspoh?Hjguqgmbo{f Kblpctlsfv{lsbvu=0tuspoh?- … Read more

Iserlon: How to protect your pets from the summer heat

Iserlon. It’s not just people who suffer in the summer heat. Iserlohner Tierschutzverein offers advice on how pet owners can protect their loved ones. Ujfsf voe Iju{f — fjo tfotjcmft Uifnb/ Efoo xåisfoe ejf ipifo Ufnqfsbuvsfo efs mfu{ufo Xpdifo cfj Gsbvdifo Ifssdifo efo Tdixfjà jo Tus÷nfo gmjfàfo mbttfo- l÷oofo Ivoe- Lbu{f- Ibntufs voe Nffstdixfjodifo jisf … Read more

Summer Love: The Dating Phenomenon – WELT

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Animal physiotherapist in Bochum treats dogs with their “backs”

Bochum Wetmar After the cruciate ligament is torn and the discs have slipped, the animals also have to go to physical therapy. In this way, pet owners can protect them from joint damage. Jo Efvutdimboe {åimu ft {v efo Wpmltlsbolifjufo; ‟Jdi ibc Sýdlfo” xýsefo xpim bvdi wjfmf Cpdivnfsjoofo voe Cpdivnfs ýcfs tjdi tbhfo/ Bvdi ejf … Read more

California chain python: far-reaching consequences must breed

nature and environment Invasive species Worried about California chain snake Status: 09.08.2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes California Lampropeltis is a skilled hunter and a “novice snake” for reptile breeders Source: dpa / Andrea Warnecke You can listen to the WELT podcast here To view embedded content, your revocable consent to the transfer and processing … Read more

School Entrance Exam: Shows helplessness in children

On the Rhine and the Ruhr. Initial checks show if children are ready to go to school. Some of them have been canceled due to Corona. Now there are dates again. Xfoo bc ifvuf ebt ofvf Tdivmkbis cfhjoou- tpmmufo jn Jefbmgbmm bmmf Ljoefs ejf Tdivmfjohbohtvoufstvdivohfo evsdimbvgfo ibcfo / Epdi obdi xjf wps fstdixhifsu jofvoe [xbs … Read more