Animals – Jason – Red Deer in Danger: Inbreeding due to Habitat Restriction – Society

Wiesbaden/Giessen (dpa/lhe) – The growing road network and urban sprawl are increasingly threatening wildlife in the state of Hesse. Wildlife biologists at the University of Giessen-Liebig in Giessen are currently sounding the alarm about inbreeding problems in red deer: As roads restrict or cut off their habitat, populations are increasingly becoming separated from one another … Read more

Animals – with this cancer experience the blue miracle – society

Voerde / Braunschweig (dpa / tmn) – It has already been in Germany for more than 20 years. But only recently has it been invading local aquariums more and more: Procambarus alleni, the Florida blue crab. And his name says it all. Because the crab, whose height can reach twelve centimeters – in addition to … Read more

Animals – Instead of a Coronavirus Lockdown: Reviving Zoos – Society

Bell/Neuvid/Landau (dpa/lrs) – The head of the Bell Zoo in Hunsrück, Remo Müller, has not forgotten: At Christmas 2020, residents will pull carts and tractors to his animals to give them bales of hay in the middle. From the Corona crisis, he brings apples and nuts, he said. To the north, the Neuwied Zoo was … Read more

Animals – Mosquitoes Can Spread West Nile Virus – Society

Müncheberg (dpa) – buzzing, small scoop, then itching often for days – with spring-like weather, mosquitoes are on the move again. Usually this is only annoying, in rare cases mosquito bites can also make you sick: it has been known for several years that domestic mosquitoes can transmit the pathogens that cause West Nile fever. … Read more

Animals – Biking with a dog: Pay attention to this – Society

Hamburg/Düsseldorf (dpa/tmn) – If you want to go on a bike tour with your four-legged friend, there are a few things to keep in mind: Is the animal suitable for an endurance race next to the spokes? Or is it better to move it? In any case, the dog must adapt with patience so that … Read more

Animals – Potsdam – Controversial debate over the reorganization of the hunting community

Potsdam (dpa/bb) – Brandenburg’s new hunting law is causing contentious debates between hunting associations and environmentalists. The two sides gave their opinion on the draft fishing law to the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection on Friday. The draft was met with severe criticism from organizations and associations involved in fishing. In a position … Read more

Hardballing: love from the first sentence

4/4/2022 – 11:36 AM Hamburg (OTS) The most honest way to get to know each other Knowing what you want is especially attractive to many people. But showing that determination on the first date also requires a certain amount of courage. The so-called “inhibition,” a direct, direct form of communication, is precisely what has … Read more

Animals – The Fairy Tale of Puppies Protection – Society

Meatman (dpa/tmn) – Judith Bunke has been professionally working with dogs for over 20 years. But one thing always worries her: When young and old have dog encounters and an older dog owner says, “No problem – your puppy is protected!” A dog behavioral therapist can’t help but shake her head at that. “It’s a … Read more

Animals – Recognizing dental problems in rabbits – Society

Bichl/Heilbronn (dpa/tmn) – When rabbits are sick, they often secretly suffer for a long time: “As predators, they are very good at hiding diseases,” says veterinarian Cecilia Seidl. For hares, a weak animal means a danger to the whole group – sick animals are excluded to protect the clan. House rabbits behave in a similar … Read more