Animal rights activists under attack after criticism of the zoo

July 24, 2022 @6:04pm New report causes reactions : Animal rights activists under attack after criticism of Krefeld Zoo Bali and Limbo, chimpanzee survivors of the monkey house fire. Photo: Krefeld Zoo Krefeld A new report by monkey researchers about alleged behavioral problems in Bali and Limbo chimpanzees has led to a backlash from the … Read more

Parents are now storming hospitals because of children’s chocolate

Ferrero had to recall several children’s chocolate products due to suspected salmonella. This worries many parents. Although the chocolate manufacturer Ferrero has known for months that salmonella was discovered in a factory, nothing happened. When several children in the UK fell ill, the recall of Kinder chocolate products began. Meanwhile, many supermarkets have removed all … Read more

The Pope: Use digital media with a critical mind

Unfortunately, hate speech and fake news are part of the daily lives of many people, and therefore it is essential to help young people in particular to “distinguish and learn truth from lies, and good from evil.” Pope Francis wrote this in a letter to the Signis Catholic Communications Association meeting, which will take place … Read more

Night Cafe: Where Animal Love Falls

06/15/2022 – 13:41 SWR – Südwestrundfunk Baden Baden (OTS) Whether the hamster is a dog, cat or dwarf: for many people, their pet is a whole family member that is loved and grieved after death. Some even cook special meals and dress the animal in tailored clothes. A trusted fur friend can also be a … Read more

Flimette in June: love, laughter and a desire to travel

Also: Simpl-Revue “Crown of Exhaustion” as an exclusive preview, the best of Harald Sicherheititz, 40 years’ “Die Supernasen”, the film’s focus on the love of touring and much more Vienna – Flimmit ( once again put together a complete package in June under the slogan “Love, Laughter and Desire to Travel”. In addition to a … Read more

“The Literary Quartet” on ZDF with guests Eva Menasse, Moritz von Uslar and …

05/18/2022 – 12:00 ZDF Mainz (ots) Thea Dorn lädt am Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2022, um 23.15 Uhr, im ZDF zum nächsten “Literarischen Quartett” ein. Gäste sind die Schriftstellerin Eva Menasse, der Schriftsteller und Kulturreporter Moritz von Uslar und der Publizist und Schriftsteller Jakob Augstein. Zusammen mit Gastgeberin Thea Dorn diskutieren sie über aktuelle Neuerscheinungen von … Read more

Preparing children to use social media

Digital media is now a part of our lives. But children especially need safe online company. It starts with parents and grandparents who know how and where their children and grandchildren surf the Internet. Question: What media do children use the most? Yvonne Jerick: This depends on age. For young people, it is YouTube and … Read more