In the 8th wirBERLIN Children’s Poster Contest, ALEXA Winners have been selected

06/27/2022 – 16:50 Alexa shopping center Berlin (OTS) Berlin’s green future: With this vision, 6th grader Reto, Hanzhang and Felix at Stechlinsee Primary School in Tempelhof-Schöneberg both applied to the Children’s Poster Competition 2022 and climbed to the highest podium. They defeated 1,500 students from all the districts of Berlin, who alone or together submitted … Read more

German Children and Youth Prize: The winners are from Hamburg, Lübeck and Bremen

06/27/2022 – 12:11 German Children’s Fund eV Berlin / Rust (OTS) Projects from Hamburg, Lübeck (Schleswig-Holstein) and Bremen were awarded the German Children and Youth Prize by the German Children’s Fund. Winners can look forward to a prize money of 6000 euros each. The German Children and Youth Prize is awarded to projects in which … Read more

Children from the primary school in Hesselnberg draw an enchanted forest

June 21, 2022 @ 1:59 pm A project has been implemented from the citizens’ budget : Children from the primary school in Hesselnberg draw an enchanted forest on the wall Artist Anke Büttner (front) and teacher Birgit von der Gathen (back) stand in front of the designed wall. Photo: Anna Schwartz Wuppertal “Hesselnberg Primary School … Read more

Children and Youth Online: Increased Usage Time, Mixed Experiences

Children come into contact with tablets and smartphones at an early age, and the time spent online by teens has increased to 111 minutes per day. Children and young adults describe their experiences as mixed. This was the result of a representative survey conducted by the Bitkom Industry Association. Bitkom CEO Dr. Based on the … Read more

Michael Foyle teaches at the Musikhochschule in the winter semester

May 28, 2022 at 10:21 am Music University Wuppertal : Michael Foyle: Capture the moment a love for music and instruments began Michael Foyle feels at home in Wuppertal. Photo: Anna Schwartz Wuppertal He had already bought a T-shirt with a pattern made up of several baby elephants. Indications of his arrival to the city … Read more

More OGS places for kids in Kempin

May 10, 2022 at 3:19 pm Primary schools open all day long : More OGS Places for Kempen Kids When the kids aren’t in class, life rages on the playground of Astrid Lindgren Primary School. Photo: Norbert Bromen Kempin All-day schools in Kempin will be expanded in the next academic year. The Youth Welfare Committee … Read more

The dispute over Corona rules in Hamburg schools: “This is pollution”

The debate over coronavirus measures in Hamburg schools is frustrating parents, teachers and students. In Hamburg, for example, mask requirements have been relaxed, and the frequency of testing will now be reduced after Easter. Opinion about coronavirus protection measures varies widely in Hamburg schools. While the mood among students is quite different, parents and the … Read more